It depresses me quite often that people go to so, so, so much effort to write bad books, bad movies, bad television and bad webcomics and then someone comes along who is really very simple and honest and puts them all to shame.

This guy — from what I’ve seen so far, which is 16 comics plus the latest one — tends to do a lot of pointless sketches, and I really appreciate that. Good writing sometimes just seems like thinking aloud, and these pointless sketches are literally thinking aloud, which is fascinating. What the heck are the six-legged spiders about? Inquiring minds!

I’m wary of extremely basic stick-figure webcomics because they’re almost always done by people who thrive in vulgar scatalogical humour, people who think that the word ‘anal’ is funny merely by usage alone, so it’s nice to see an intelligent exception to the rule.