I spend a lot of time trying to find outside comparisons for my work that will help me look at my own work objectively. Occasionally I find amateur writing on the internet that sort of rings a bell, which is depressing because I can’t stand amateur writing on the internet. It always looks like someone was in a hurry to put their idea on (digital) paper and get it out into the (“real”) world, whereas it would have been a good idea to slow down and work on a the nuances a bit more. I guess it makes sense that I’d relate to that writing because I do tend to get impatient with my own writing, except that I try to flesh it out and thoroughly wrangle the individual words before I’m done with it.

I can’t really find a comparison to my writing in the professional writing world. I’m not sure if this means I’m doing something new and original, which seems unlikely given the amount of people who have tried writing novels over the centuries, or whether I’m just following the well-troden path to ignominy of people who write exactly like me. Which seems more likely, given the hated familiarity I feel for amateur writing on the internet.