I sometimes wonder why ‘entertainment’ is such a dirty word. There are a plenty of writers who don’t commit any of my pet hate crimes, but for some reason they all decide not to write anything that’s actually fun to read. Is there a stigma attached to writing ‘fun’? Is writing ‘fun’ going to damage a writer’s mojo?

I’ve been browsing the ‘fiction issue’ of Vice and one thing that strikes me is that all the authors have the same expressionless eyes, but that might just be the style of the caricature artist, which it probably is given the lack of humanity of Vice. The other thing is that none of them seem to have any spark of humour or brightness in their soul. Reading their work is like sitting at an empty bus shelter at night watching a hobo urinate against a wall across the road. In fact this is probably the theme of some of the stories.

On the other hand, I guess when people are writing ‘fun’ they know that they’ve already perpretrated an unforgivable crime against decency, so it doesn’t really matter if they write ‘crap’.

I have a theory that genius is the capacity to reconcile apparently irreconcilable ideas. Not just seeing shades of grey where other people see black and white, which is a sort of compromise, but instead seeing black/white.