I found this page while searching for someone who agrees with my opinion on prologues. I agree with most the points he makes, though I hate the way he calls them ‘rules’ rather than ‘considerations’. Although I guess it makes sense because there can be exceptions to rules but not considerations.

I’m glad #3 confirms my opinion on the usage of the word ‘said’. Someone once told me I used the word ‘said’ too much, and she’d taken some kind of writing course, so she should know. But me and Elmore Leonard know better than writing courses. He also shares my opinion on the word ‘suddenly’, which I always thought was a pet hate unique to me.

I can’t really find anything to disagree with in any of his rules, other than the use of the word ‘never’ where I’m quite sure he means ‘rarely’ or ‘only with good reason’. #7 occured to me a couple of days ago when I had to read this sort of dialogue in the chapter sampler:

“I don’t have a lot to do with ‘im. You probably see more of ‘im than I do. I make sure ‘is door’s bolted and that he gets ‘is victuals, an’ that’s as much as I ‘as to do with it. An’ that suits me just fine.”

Of course, the fact that I agree with Mr. Leonard doesn’t in any way imply that I’d like his stories