I haven’t posted anything here in a while. I’ve been too focussed on writing my book — I’ve been working on it on and off for years now — mostly off — and I’m losing patience with myself. If I lose focus and get distracted I’m worried I could lose the flow of writing I’ve gotten myself into and go back into my old habit of procrastinating lots.

I think of things to write here occasionally, but I tend to draft them and then forget about them and when I find them again later I’ve forgotten what I was talking about. One thing that regularly changes is the ‘word count’ in the Pirate Space page linked to on the left. It’s the only link between what I’ve been writing and the ‘real’ world, and even though I doubt anyone actually ever checks it, it’s important to me somehow. It’s like the cat in the box thing — If I’m a cat and I’m writing something in a box but no one else can observe that I’m actually writing something because I’m in a box, does my writing really exist? What if they open the box and it doesn’t, and I’ve been curled up asleep the whole time, or poisoned?

I probably shouldn’t write about quantum physics when it goes over my own head. But it’s nice to know that quantum physics does influence my behaviour.