I keep re-reading my entries and finding embarrassing spelling and grammar errors. I don’t care that much though – spelling and grammar can always be corrected, whereas bad ideas can’t. I’m mostly just trying to get ideas down here.

I while ago I wrote about the importance of refraining from self-indulgent little jokes. Page two of a local book I picked up last week reminded me that it’s just as important to refrain from self-indulgent little rants. The author intruded on his own writing to mention how much contempt he has for people who watch reality television. The author justified this intrusion by having a disingenuous little tangent. I think the author’s hate for reality television was so strong that he couldn’t resist from mentioning how much he hates it, but really, if you can’t refrain from this impulse than perhaps you should be writing an opinion column instead. I don’t read opinion columns either.

On the other hand, it can be entertaining to read about someone’s dislikes if they’re writing about it in an entertaining and satirical way rather than blunt and artless. I loved the self-indulgent ‘revenge against queue-jumpers’ scene at the beginning of the first episode of 30 Rock. Once again, it’s all just a matter of judgement.