Whenever I visit the library I tend to wander around the fiction section aimlessly looking for new favourite authors. It’s depressing, but I don’t think there actually are any more new favourite novelists for me to find. I’ve tried all the novelists who I have heard of and who I think might possibly be of interest to me, but they never live up to my expectations. I think the problem is that my expectations are very, very specific.

Basically I want to find Douglas Adams all over again. Terry Pratchett and Robert Rankin are the next best thing, but they’re not quite the same. Tom Holt is somewhere in the race, too, but doesn’t have a ‘series’ of books like the others do. Wodehouse is his own kind of wonderful, but I can only read one of his stories at a time. Cutesy society predicaments just can’t maintain my interest forever. Jasper Fforde… I don’t know, I really should like him but for some reason can’t. I think it had something to do with the traditional ‘bad guy’ villian that put me off, and the incongruous inclusion of werewolves and vampires. I tried reading a Harry Harrison book once but he was so interested in getting to the end of the story there wasn’t actually room for anything else.

Hopefully one day I’ll find a book that I’m actually able to love as much as I love Adams’ work. But I’m not holding my breath.