I’m trying to design the cover of my book, because I’m going to try experimentally printing it myself with a press made of meccano. A while ago I came up with this idea for a cover, and a year later I still quite like it… the right-hand side is the front cover and the left-hand side is the back… I’ve just redone the image in a higher resolution with the angle of the texture matching the angle of the skull. I don’t think the look of the image matches the style of the book, but I don’t care… I really like the simplicity of it. My favourite book design is probably this one… it’s probably insanely boring to most people, but most book covers seem unnecessarily cluttered to me with pictures AND text AND colours. Since you can’t get rid of the text… get rid of the other two.

Now that I’ve done the image, I need to figure out what goes on the image. Words and stuff… how should I do the title? And my name? And what on earth am I going to write on the back? I hate the back covers of most books, if I’m going to OWN a book forever I don’t need the advertising that goes along with it. Just like I hate to buy clothes that advertise the brand of the clothes. But what else is supposed to go there? I don’t even HAVE any generic praise.

Maybe I’ll just put an excerpt there… or some other piece of prose… or something outside-squarish…