Still trying to figure out what to do with my book. The laser printer curled the pages too much when I tried to print it myself… couldn’t glue them together the way I had planned. Going to try putting them under a great weight for a week to see if that flattens them out. My box of lego should do the trick.

I often think it would just be easier to try to get an agent. But the last agent I contacted said I should send the book to a manuscript assessor. I’ve just been to a manuscript assessor website and calculated that my book could cost $580 to assess. The cynical part of me thinks that the agent is just trying to send work to her friends. The rational part of me thinks the cynical part is probably right. It doesn’t encourage me to get an agent, anyway. All they have to do is sell the book once and they get 20% or whatever for life. What a cushy job! And how wonderful that even if they DON’T make any money out of me, their friends will!

Bah. Taking that route seems like a bit of a fool’s industry, really. $580… if I can get my printing to work properly, I could make more than a hundred copies of my book for that.