The only time I’ve ever tried on roller skates was at a school trip to a skating rink. I think there may have been two trips, actually. I wasn’t really inspired to pursue an interest in skating.

Today I tried on roller blades (aka ‘inline skates’) for the first time. I was looking at them in the Warehouse and decided to try them on just because no one had told me I wasn’t allowed to. I managed to move up and down the aisle a couple of dozen times without falling over, which was good. By the end I was actually starting to figure out how to move in them properly, but I really needed more space than a three-metre-long aisle. I like to think it’s one of those things that seem really tricky now but which will become unimaginably easy once I’ve figured it out.

My plan is to skate to and from work, thus emancipating myself from the bussing system. I don’t really have a problem with the busses except the amount of money I spend on them. Alternatively I might get ordinary roller skates because they’re more retro than inline skates, even though the latter were allegedly invented earlier.