I was invited to two separate parties but instead I stayed home and watched a documentary on David Bowie.

The problem with brainstorming too much is that my ideas tend to get out of control. I start out with a simple story about a time-travelling computer game programmer. This develops into a 1980s-themed Zombie uprising. And by the end we’re in the dreamlike mindscape of a goth girl who has the power to destroy the human race with her prodigious angst.

I can justify all of these things and there are lots and lots of ideas behind them, and they do develop with reasonable logic from one to the next, I’m just not sure if it’s sane to try to put them all in one novel. My goal is to write a publishable novel. If I indulge my desire to write a weird far-fetched fantasy, I’ll probably regret it. Again. But it’s hard for me to contemplate writing something non-outrageous.

At the moment my brainstorming is producing about one chapter concept a day. I think I’ll have enough to work with in a couple of weeks.