Reflections. Saturday, Dec 29 2007 

I’m still editing my book one last time before I put it on Every subsequent re-reading of the book becomes more difficult, and a little dangerous too because I tend to want to justify my re-reading by adding superfluous text. Especially now that I’m more or less unfettered with my creative freedom.

There’s lots of stuff I’ve written that I would have done completely differently if I’d written it now. Which is nice, because it means I’ve progressed. I just have to make sure that this progression is in the right direction. I’m looking forward to working on book #2. In between doing a webcomic and various YouTube clips. And working.


Cosmic Latte #002 Friday, Dec 28 2007 


Notice how the comic numbering is in triple digits? I’m slightly intimidated by that.

Cosmic Latte #002 (Work In Progress) Thursday, Dec 27 2007 


While only two and a half people are reading this comic, I don’t see why I shouldn’t post works in progress. The small writing say something like “telephone booth of police”. There is no logical reason why it’s written in Italian. “No logical reason” will be a regular theme in this comic. As will “something that popped into my head”.

Also, “I have only a flimsy notion of where this strip is going”.

Cosmic Latte #1 (with differently shaped speech bobbles) Wednesday, Dec 26 2007 


I’ve decided not to get rid of these guys after all. Whatever. I only started this project a couple of weeks ago, so I’m allowed to be indecisive.

Pushing the ‘reset’ button. Tuesday, Dec 25 2007 

I was trying to write the second Cosmic Latte comic but I just wasn’t pleased with the result. Man, it’s hard for me to please myself sometimes. Always, actually.

I didn’t want to have a story that I had to think about too hard, but at the same time I wanted some kind of progression and development within the comic… I also wanted the comic to be entirely a stream-of-consciousness thing… but I don’t think I can have character development AND stream-of-consciousness. So I’ll try the latter but not the former – the characters will have to stay in a sort of developmental stasis. It will be like Boy on a Stick and Slither and Cat and Girl, but with slightly less criticism of Western civilisation.


And that’s the last you’ll see of Octavius.

Oh, I also had an interesting anecdote about work but I forgot it.

Cosmic Latte #1 Friday, Dec 21 2007 

I felt like there was too much colour in my first comic so I drained it all away. I also noticed that in panel five, the way the hill went through the neck of the guy on the left made it look like his head was floating in mid-air, so that’s something I’ll have to be careful of. I don’t like having the comic title on every page so I’ve put it sticking out to the left where I can remove it if I want to. And I’ve put my name at the bottom.


I think I’ll just post the comic as thumbnails in this journal. That way people can click on the ‘Cosmic Latte’ tag and look at all the comic entries, or they could click on the ‘crap David has written’ tag and see everything else.

Wasting my time. Friday, Dec 21 2007 

I can’t believe I spent the last two hours correcting a very minor assembly error in one of my transformers. However, I can be proud that I’m one of the 37 elite transformers collectors in the world to bother doing this.

Me, actually doing stuff I’ve talked about doing. Tuesday, Dec 18 2007 


Thumbnails are easy – you just upload the picture and then send it to the editor as a thumbnail. On my interface, at least.

My new plan is to depict the progression of civilisation (as I understand it) using two men and one woman. The blonde guy is ‘the leader’, the other guy is ‘the worker’ and the woman (who doesn’t feature in this strip) is ‘the woman’.

I’ll do a couple more strips and then make a website for them. I’d use ComicGenesis but I find their system too complicated to work with. It’s not Web 2.0 enough for my convenience.

Not genius. Saturday, Dec 15 2007 


Of course, ideally I should be doing a lego cartoon for my ‘get people to bookmark my page’ tactic… but to be frank, I don’t have enough patience to do regular lego cartoons. All that fiddling about and photographing and uploading and fiddling about and twiddling about… drives me mad. It’s not like doing a web comic is my heighest priority. That would be writing books.

So I was trying to think of alternatives and I remembered my little oval people from aaages ago, and how easy they are to work with. Once they’re drawn all I need to do is copy and paste them. If I’m going to just copy and paste images I could draw something a lot better initially, but… somehow complicated images look worse than simple ones when they’ve been copied and pasted.

I also remembered the idea I had slightly less ages ago for a scenario for my little oval people, which is that they’re chatting in an internet forum. So something most people on the internet are already familiar with, lots of personality types and interactions they recognise. I was going to call it “FFF8E7” after the colour of the universe, but “Cosmic Latte” sounds better.

The really, really quick sketch I’ve done above features the ubiquitous guy who says ‘first post!’ whenever a new thread has been started. I wanted to see if the background looked okay if it was nothing but “FFF8E7”, and the answer is no, it doesn’t.

It must be Christmastime. The days seem more exaggerated. Friday, Dec 14 2007 

Today I got called an ‘indie snob’ and a ‘retard’. To be fair, neither of those comments were entirely unwarranted.

I’ve been thinking more carefully about my plan. I realised I was missing a part in the middle. First, catch the attention of the masses. Second, (and this is the part I was missing), maintain their attention. Third, try to get them to buy my book.

The second part means I have to get them to bookmark my page somehow. To do that I need to have some kind of regular creative output, such as… a webcomic. Something that people will want to come back and check regularly.

And that means I get to cover every one of my creative interests. Except perhaps sewing… but I could do some sort of a video with an interesting wardrobe. Music… animation… video… comics… writing… sewing…

Also, an old friend came into work today an I explained this plan in a very, very rushed way while I served them. He said he’d just been to an engineering seminar about good website design, and how to keep people coming back. So that was convenient. Apparently New Zealanders are bad at designing websites that maintain people’s attention. His advice was to make something ‘interactive’. So… does that mean I can make Flash games as well? Is this Christmas or something?

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