People have been pointing out self-publishing options to me. Two people in two days pointed me in the direction of That’s one option. But it costs me money to print.

Another option that was pointed out to me was The way I understand it, without having read the small print, I could upload my book now and have it available throughout the world. Neat! I might as well do that next week then. Why not?

I’d really rather have it professionally published, but… then I’d have to rely on other people, which I have come to quite hate doing. This way I only have to rely on myself, and if it’s available online, what I need to be able to do is publicise it.

Hmm… publicity. Wait, I know, I’ve already been working on this brief animation. It’s small, but I’m sure a few people will notice it. I want to follow this up with an even more ambitious animation, which I’m sure will attract the attention of more people if I do it properly… and maybe all these people will type in the link I put in at the end of the animations linking to some kind of advertisement for my book and maybe the first chapter.

Okay. A well-done animation (or even a crappily done yet attention-grabbing animation) is something that attracts the attention of people, a book is a product they can buy. Is there something I’m missing in this equation?

Ah, right… I should have thought of this a while ago. Still, all I want is a reason to write books and a reason to create animations or other videos, and this plan gives me a reason to do both. And I already have a product to sell, which I am sorely tempted to once again go over and fix up (with extreme prejudice).

I should be trying to work the internet to my advantage, not trying to conform to pre-internet restrictions of what can be published and by who. I saw a guy today wearing a Homestar Runner sweatshirt. Isn’t that evidence of how people can profit solely on applying their creative talents to the internet?