Okay, first I fix up Pirate Space and upload it into lulu.com. Easy. Print-on-demand technology is awesome.

Second I fix up this blog. It’ll be where I link to in all my attention-seeking animation things. I’ll put a list of projects on the left-hand side, so that’ll include my animations, my Lego comics and my book. It doesn’t really matter that the comics are discontinued for the time being, I just want people to see examples of my creativity. On the Pirate Space page I’ll include a link to a PDF of the first chapter.

Third I write a number one hit single. This will probably take a while. Then I animate a music video of the song including a couple of dozen well-known characters and ideas from the internet. Very few people will get all of the references, but I’ll include a list of references at the end for people to look up if they want to. Publicising the work of other people is something that could work to my advantage.

The combination of a catchy song and the ‘hey look at this animation it’s got Strong Bad in it’ factor will hopefully draw the attention of lots of people who’ll follow the link to this website and here read the lego comics and the first chapter of my book and maybe just maybe buy the book.

It’s ambitious, but not any more ambitious than trying to get the book published any other way. And, like I said, I only have to rely on myself for my own success or failure, which is something I’m very comfortable with.