Today I got called an ‘indie snob’ and a ‘retard’. To be fair, neither of those comments were entirely unwarranted.

I’ve been thinking more carefully about my plan. I realised I was missing a part in the middle. First, catch the attention of the masses. Second, (and this is the part I was missing), maintain their attention. Third, try to get them to buy my book.

The second part means I have to get them to bookmark my page somehow. To do that I need to have some kind of regular creative output, such as… a webcomic. Something that people will want to come back and check regularly.

And that means I get to cover every one of my creative interests. Except perhaps sewing… but I could do some sort of a video with an interesting wardrobe. Music… animation… video… comics… writing… sewing…

Also, an old friend came into work today an I explained this plan in a very, very rushed way while I served them. He said he’d just been to an engineering seminar about good website design, and how to keep people coming back. So that was convenient. Apparently New Zealanders are bad at designing websites that maintain people’s attention. His advice was to make something ‘interactive’. So… does that mean I can make Flash games as well? Is this Christmas or something?