Of course, ideally I should be doing a lego cartoon for my ‘get people to bookmark my page’ tactic… but to be frank, I don’t have enough patience to do regular lego cartoons. All that fiddling about and photographing and uploading and fiddling about and twiddling about… drives me mad. It’s not like doing a web comic is my heighest priority. That would be writing books.

So I was trying to think of alternatives and I remembered my little oval people from aaages ago, and how easy they are to work with. Once they’re drawn all I need to do is copy and paste them. If I’m going to just copy and paste images I could draw something a lot better initially, but… somehow complicated images look worse than simple ones when they’ve been copied and pasted.

I also remembered the idea I had slightly less ages ago for a scenario for my little oval people, which is that they’re chatting in an internet forum. So something most people on the internet are already familiar with, lots of personality types and interactions they recognise. I was going to call it “FFF8E7” after the colour of the universe, but “Cosmic Latte” sounds better.

The really, really quick sketch I’ve done above features the ubiquitous guy who says ‘first post!’ whenever a new thread has been started. I wanted to see if the background looked okay if it was nothing but “FFF8E7”, and the answer is no, it doesn’t.