InDesign is one of those wonderfully powerful programs that fails to take into account the limitations of its wonderfully powerful features. For example it lets you go into the master page and put in automatic page numbering, but the problem is that (a) I want page one to start on page five, and (b) I don’t want page numbering on the pages that have chapter headings. Same with having the book title at the top of every left-hand page and the book author at the top of every right-hand page – I don’t want those things automatically placed on the first four pages or on the first pages of new chapters.

So I’ve spent the last couple of hours manually putting in page numbers and book names and author names and stuff. And then I realised just before I’d finished that I’d been putting the page numbers on the inside of the page rather than the outside. So I had to go back and fix that as well. Then I decided that having the title and author in small caps rather than all caps looks less severe. So I had to fix that too.

The font I’m using is Hoefler. The only reason I’m using this font is because I like the way it does numbers, as demonstrated by the current temporary blog template. The ‘1’ looks like an ‘I’ and some of the numbers have bits sticking out the top and bottom. That’s posh for a font. 68! 68! Now there’s a happy number. Why the long face, 359?

Note: That made more sense when my blog was using a different font.