My sleeping habits aren’t very conducive to productivity. I go to sleep too late so when I get home from work I fall asleep again, then when I wake up it’s 11:00 so I can’t stay up for long before I have to go to sleep again. And then I’m tired again at work the next day because I went to sleep so late. I don’t think it’s fair, I get so much sleep and yet I’m still so tired and unproductive all the time. I’m just not sleeping at the right times. I really need to fix that this week.

I’m doing my periodical trawl for new webcomics to read. I think I’m spoiled by what I do read, because I’ve become incredibly choosy. There’s a phenomenal amount of material out there, but not much of it is worth paying attention to. I don’t think I bookmarked a new comic last year.

The best source of new webcomics is the links through other webcomics. Look at the Her! links for example. Cat and Girl and BOASAS are two of my favourite comics. Diesel Sweeties and Ornery Boy aren’t really my favourites, but they’re both comics I respect. A Softer World and Perry Bible Fellowship are reasonably noteworthy. Most of the other comics have names I’m familiar with. The ones I don’t recognise I’m highly tempted to read, just because Chris Bishop linked to them.

I think for me, an important milestone of success is if my Cosmic Latte webcomic is linked to by other webcomic creators. For that reason, I consider them to be my target audience…

I am such a schemer.