978-0-473-13245-3! That was far too easy.

And apparently I have 30 days to send two copies of the book to the ‘National Librarian’ after the date of publication. Except I set the date of publication as 10/01/08 because that’s when I first sent myself a copy, so that gives me… ten days. Which is impossible.

I’ll have to send them an email asking if that’s going to be a problem. I’ll also ask what sort of changes I can make to the book and still keep the same ISBN number. Apparently there’s still a spelling error lurking in it somewhere, but I’m not sure if it will count as a ‘later edition’ if I correct it and re-upload it to Lulu. Also if I added a barcode – is that a later edition?

Hmm. I could make the book available on Lulu right now if I wanted. Spooky. But I really want to make sure it still prints out to my satisfaction after the changes I’ve made.