I couldn’t be bothered waiting for another copy of the book to arrive before I approved it so I’ve made it available online already. It’s here. No one’s going to buy it in the ten days it takes for another copy of the book to arrive anyway, and I think the only thing I’d need to change is the colour of the cover. I chose the price by calculating the average cost for a book this size and then making it slightly cheaper. I put Douglas Adams and Robert Rankin in the description because I think the only way people are going to find the book at the moment is by putting their favourite authors in the search engine to see what comes up. I didn’t put Pratchett or Fforde in because I don’t think I can say their writing has affected me in any way. If I were really trying to sell the book I’d put their names in anyway, but I have my pride.

Righto. I’m sure I’ve missed something.