Writer’s block. I’m not used to writing dialogue that’s intended to actually be read out loud. I think it’ll be easier once I decide what the characters are like. I hope. Usually when I’m writing I just let the characters invent themselves.

Or maybe the problem is that I want the dialogue to have a sort of unscripted, authentic, uncontrived quality. Written in the style of something that is improvised. If that makes sense. Definitely improvisation will be encouraged, within certain parameters. But at the same time there’ll be bits that are carefully scripted. It’ll be a bit of a mish-mash.

‘Bit of a mish-mash’. Doesn’t that sum up my entire creative style?

I should work on the technical aspects for the time being, starting with what I’m going to film and how I’m going to do it, and whether the bit with the miniature people on the desk is actually filmable at all with my current budget. I suspect it is not.

I can think about script while I’m painting backgrounds and shooting lego miniatures and stuff. I tend to have ideas pop into my head while I’m doing physical stuff like that, rather than when I’m staring at a blank page.

I’ve been trying to find popular examples of amateur ‘webcoms’. One of them was ‘Ask A Ninja’, which is like live-action Sbemail for ADHD sufferers.