I’ve been watching the Mighty Boosh DVD. Vince Noir’s mobile phone plays Cars. I missed that the first time. But then MB introduced me to Gary Numan in the first place.

I’ve been making colleagues at work watch it. One of them said I talk like a Mighty Boosh character and thought I was such a big fan of them that I was doing it deliberately. It was an odd moment for me.

There’s lots of other stuff I missed the first time. Like the amount of times Vince Noir subtly flirts with the camera. And all the secondary characters who are actually played by the main actors in different makeup.

I think I’ll have to learn to disguise people effectively like that. I’ve been having trouble finding actors. They have to be people I’m comfortable with and they have to be comfortable with the idea of being in videos on the internet. So far I have about two people and myself.