I like writing because writing never seems like work. Everything else seems a bit like work. Even building things out of lego can be worklike sometimes. Sad but true.

This is a moon base. Or possibly an asteroid base, I’m not sure. Anyway, the opening sequence of DYWTSTU will be a montage of the spaceship getting built on that red patch.


I redesigned the ship because the first was a bit too big – the smaller it is, the less I have to work on backgrounds and stuff. This one ended up being orange and blue and white. I didn’t really like red and blue and white because those colours are a bit too patriotic.

I purchased a teeny tiny tripod to hold the camera in place while I do the montage bit. So while these photos are a bit crap, at least I only had to shoot them once. Usually I shoot each photo about five times by hand and just use the least wobbly one.