I try to allocate my time resources according to a scale of achievableness. I should really allocate all my time to writing because that’s where I know I can get work done in. But I need to do something else to draw attention to what I write, and these something elses tend to provoke a lot of procrastination and a lot less actual doing. Usually there’s a lot of initial enthusiasm followed by rapid loss of enthusiasm.

But if I keep trying, maybe I’ll eventually strike upon some project that’s as easy for me do as writing and also has the viral quality I’m looking for.

My latest idea is a mockumentary of me (or someone very much like me) trying to produce a webcom. What I like about this idea is that I don’t have to make the webcom very good. For DYWTSTU I wanted it to put a lot of effort into the appearance, and I think that’s what slowed me down – my ambition was too great. I wanted it to look cheap, but I still wanted it to look really good.

With a mockumentary it would work better if the look of the webcom was rather naff, and for all the behinds the scenes stuff I’d just wear my ordinary clothes. So all I’d really need to do is write the script and shoot it. This is what I’ll try to do next week, to at least get some shooting done, and if I still can’t get anything accomplished, maybe I should seriously think about Selling Out. I’m not sure what that entails, but it’s usually a useful step towards success.