Hitherto I’d been trying to think of ways that publicise my book that involved me doing something creative and noteworthy on the internet. I’m not going to pay anyone to advertise it on the internet because that’s an easy way to spend money and be ignored, and I’m not going to send copies to large publications to review because that’s another easy way to spend money and be ignored.

Last night I thought of another alternative, though… what if I sent copies to minor publications to review, such as university magazines? I’d been thinking about giving one to Salient to review, but thought that wouldn’t reach a big enough audience… so what if I sent it to lots of magazines like Salient?

I’d have to do a bit of research into each magazine, though… I don’t want the send copies to the sorts of magazines that are too pretentious, self-important or high-falutin’ to review a crazy self-published book.

I also think I’ll redesign the cover… again… I have no idea how though, but I’m still unsatisfied with the cover… probably never will be. Maybe I should just leave it.