So… not much going on. I spent a lot of time thinking about Paris Holliday but since I wasn’t actually doing anything on it I reverted to writing, which is the one thing I know I can always do. So over the last week I’ve written about a dozen pages of a book, but nothing else. I should have written more than that, but at least I’m not feeling depressed because I haven’t produced anything.

Almost every idea I had for Paris Holliday involved more people and locations than I have access to. It’s depressing. I suck at anything that isn’t writing. I think I’ll just stick to writing for a while, just so I get stuff done and feel better about being a creative person living in Wellington. Maybe when I have another draft or something I’ll take a break and try thinking about something else again. It’s not like there’s a Fringe Film deadline to work towards or anything.

Today I handed a copy of my book to the library to see if they’ll accept a donation of it. I’m still not completely happy with the cover, but today I thought of another possibility for it. While I was playing lego with my girlfriend I remembered these fantastic artworks and while I was looking at it I was thinking how much I’d like my book cover to be illustrated by the same guy. Seriously, who wouldn’t buy a book with a cover like this?

I have no idea how much he’d charge though. I’ll ask him. Yes, I know Douglas Coupland also had lego-themed covers. Mine are going to be way more awesome.