I dunno. Maybe my idea that I’d try to sell my book on the internet was rather misguided. Even if I could get some kind of viral advertising going on the internet, who’d buy my book? Who buys books from the internet that they haven’t seen in bookstores?

I’m going to order some copies and try to sell them at the university somehow. I think there’s going to be a review of the book in Salient so if I can sell my book anywhere, then the university would be it. The cost of printing and shipping is quite expensive, so I can only really mark them up by a dollar and still make them affordable. The point isn’t to make a profit anyway – the point is to get people reading and sharing the book. Try for Real Life viral rather than Internet viral. University students travelling around and sharing the book with each other, maybe checking my storefront occasionally for new books.

I should try to get a second book done by the middle of the year. It’s still possible, but I’d have to be quite focussed. If I had two books for sale instead of one, maybe people would be able to take me more seriously as someone who writes books.