Remember that project I mentioned last week but said I would only link to if I proved to myself I was able to persevere with it? It’s here. A serial story on deviantART. How am I supposed to be noticed among the 10,000 other people writing serial stories on deviantART? I don’t know. But I’ve posted two parts so far and for each of those parts I’ve had one complete stranger ‘subcribe’ to my work, so maybe if I post one part every week, within one year I’ll have… 52 readers. Maybe one of them will want to buy a book?

To come up with the idea for the story I just combined a name I already wanted to use for something with a story I already wanted to write somewhere. The benefit of thinking of more projects than I work on is that I’m never short of ideas when I need one.

One of the good things about deviantART is that I can also post pictures if I want to. So I could post random cartoons and things along with my story. I was going to post ‘bollards! fuck!’ but didn’t know how well the swearing would go down. Also the distinctive bollards might confuse people outside Wellington.