On friday morning I woke up an hour earlier before work than I usually do. That mean I lay in bed for an hour contemplating the fact that I was about to go to work. It depressed me quite a bit. Usually I just wake up and get dressed and go to work and don’t really have time to think about it. I guess the fact that most mornings I didn’t have to think about going to work was keeping me sane.

I got annoyed with myself. I’d spent so much time working on publishing Pirate Space on Lulu that I’d naturally assumed I’d publish all my books the same way. I’d forgotten that writing a book with the intention of seriously submitting it to actual publishers was a course still open to me.

I’d been writing book #2 specifically to have it self-published. There’s no reason I couldn’t write book #2 to have it submitted to a publisher and then published on Lulu if that failed. That way I won’t be burning a bridge I have no real reason to burn other than a rather idiotic sense of pride.

So. I’m going to put that book aside and only pick it up again if I start having any success on Lulu. Instead I’m going to write a book with the intention of impressing publishers. Because the horror of work can make anyone a sell-out.