This article would be a lot more impressive as a video montage. Probably it already exists as one. To be honest I always assumed MacGyver’s problem-solving genius was a legend exaggerated from the events of one or two episodes, rather than an actual theme. These are some search results from that page:

String: 17 hits.
Duct tape: 8 hits.
Swiss Army Knife: 6 hits.
Balloon: 5 hits.
Safety pin: 3 hits.
Chewing gum: 2 hits.
Lock pick: 1 hit.
Hairpin: 1 hit.
Shoelaces: 1 hit.
Potato: 1 hit.
Pig feces: 1 hit.

As my girlfriend noted, it’s more useful to have a piece of string about your person than a swiss army knife.

I bought a sofa today. Hopefully I’ll be more inclined to write if I’m reclined on a comfortable sofa rather than some kind of hard and miserable chair.