I started writing a book tonight. But then I started writing three books over the last two weeks. If the word ‘started’ also means ‘strongly intended to start’, then there are five other books I also probably ‘started’ as well. In fact if I stayed up all night I could have ‘started’ at least seventeen new books by the morning.

My cat is sleeping next to me on the couch, which is nice. He’s not really ‘my’ cat but he does seem to spend every night in my bedroom. And he eats all my catfood.

It’s nice that he’s sleeping because he’s usually trying to kill me. Here is how he reacts to various stimuli:

Bright lights: tries to kill me.
Loud noises: tries to kill me.
Sudden movements: tries to kill me.
Trying to get him out from under the couch: tries to kill me.
Going to work in the morning: tries to kill me.

(He’s really very sweet, I assure you)