I had to watch this music video before I could understand the latest Weebl & Bob. I have no idea if I would have appreciated the music listening to it on its own, but I liked the music video so much that I had to go and borrow a Ladytron CD from the library.

The moral of the story is that if you want to succeed as a musician these days, it helps to:

* know a great music video creator.
* not threaten legal action when your music video appears on YouTube.
* Inspire popular web cartoonists to pay homage to you.

I have the strangest conversations with my girlfriend while she’s asleep.

Her: “What’s that?”
Me: “What’s what?”
Her: “Your peppermism.”
Me: “My what?”
Her: “Eh?”
Me: “What’s a peppermism?”
Her: “I think I fell asleep with a cup of tea in my hand.”
Me: “In your hand?”
Her: “Yeah.”

For the record, she didn’t have a cup of tea in her hand and I don’t actually own a peppermism.