Today I spent five minutes in Bulls then six hours in Fielding and now I’m in Marton for the night. I’m trying to expand my repertoire of boring places to be.

I’ve been working on that silhouette style I posted the other day. Normally when I embark on some new webcomic concept I prematurely create a comicgenesis page for it before I realise I don’t have the persistence to go through with it. Photographing lego? Bah, too complicated. Moving limbless oval bodies around in Flash? Way too much effort. Drawing simple stick figure silhouettes on silhouette backgrounds? Hmm… Yeah, I’ll give that a go. But I’ll prove to myself that it’s not too much of a chore for me to hold a black vivid and wave it around before establishing any kind of web presence for it.

If I’d persisted with that lego comic I started ages ago I’d probably have enough strips to fill at least one book with. I’ll try not to think about that.

I used to do a weekly thing where I’d check for exciting new webcomics to bookmark. That became a fortnightly thing, then a monthly thing… now I do it once a year or so. According to my latest research pretty much no new noteworthy webcomics have been created in the last four years. Did people just stop trying or what?

Things that put me off webcomics very quickly:

* Not having a ‘first comic’ link. I mean seriously, I’m new to the comic, that’s where I’m going to want to start. Why must you make me wade through pages of archives to find the first comic? I don’t have that much patience.
* Manga. Anything manga. Before Japan was invented there were other ways to draw, you know.
* Comics where all girls have large breasts or where men can transform into half-wolf women and have sex with half-eagle women who have turned into men. I don’t want to hear about weird teenage boy fetishes.
* A combination of both of the above. In other words, most popular yet lame webcomics.
* Anything that Strong Bad would mock.