The html error from the phoned-in reply in my last post was my fault – over the phone I couldn’t remember which way the slash was supposed to go. Mea culpa.

Cutest thing I saw today: four lambs finding a gap in their fence and running through it into a big lush empty field. I’ve never seen sheep so excited – the older ones didn’t take any interest at all. I wonder if a sheep grew up in the wild it would retain some of its youthful sense of adventure? Probably not.

Saddest thing I saw today: Some guy on a quad bike riding up the shallow rocky stream that runs through the middle of Fielding. He had a mullet and everything.

If a shallow rocky stream ran up the centre of Wellington, I wonder if young people in suits would ride up it on their Segways? Talking on their mobile phones? Looking glum because their lives are meaningless?