Misc. Wednesday, Sep 24 2008 

I had a dream that I went to bed at a reasonable hour.

And then I woke up.


BTN: because sometimes things need to be turned into acronyms. Tuesday, Sep 23 2008 

There’s this one thing that baffles me about Sarah Palin. Everyone knows she lied when she said she opposed the BTN, but she hasn’t bothered to try weasle out of that lie somehow. Some politicians would have said they were ‘mistaken’. Some politicians would have said there’s a ‘conspiracy’. Some politicians would have argued the meaning of the word ‘opposed’. Sarah is happy to allow the lie to fester in people’s minds unquestioned.

Maybe she’s just comfortable because she knows the sort of people who are going to vote for here aren’t going to be bothered by facts anyway.

But seriously, how long does it take for three words to become an acronym anyway?

Meanwhile, the NZ election continues to slip under my radar. Where’s the utterly divisive issue that’s supposed to come along at about this time? Or is it just that National is so far ahead we’re not bothering with that this year?

Superiority: it’s complex. Sunday, Sep 21 2008 

10 reasons why everyone else is better than you:

* They have more power.
* They earn more money.
* They have more friends.
* They have a better job.
* They have more stuff.
* They know more stuff.
* They have travelled more.
* They are healthier.
* They have had a wider range of experiences.
* None of the above, but they’re wiser than you so they know that none of this really matters anyway.

Is there life on Mars? Tuesday, Sep 16 2008 

I just finished watching Life on Mars on DVD. They were right to only make sixteen episodes – any more and the ‘what’s really happening to Sam?’ tension would have gone loose. I thoroughly recommend the show.

I haven’t achieved much else lately. I’m still brainstorming the shadow puppet comic strip idea thing. Given my past record I’ll probably never go anywhere with it but I need to have some project to brainstorm at any given time. When I say I need to I mean I can’t not have something to brainstorm. It’s just the way my brain’s wired. Every time I think about what I’d do if I weren’t doing anything creative, I come to the conclusion that I’d do something else creative with my free time instead. Or think about doing something creative.

In which I get offensive. Friday, Sep 5 2008 

A new Ricky Gervais DVD has come out with him on the cover sitting on a throne with a crown and assorted other effects of monarchy.

Is there anyone in the world less dignified in their fame? The reason I didn’t finish watching The Office and didn’t bother with Extras at all is that I seriously don’t want to see Ricky Gervais’ head exploding all over the screen, which I’m sure is what will happen if it gets any larger.

I’m a hypocrite, of course, because I don’t have the same problem with Bill Bailey’s bust being sculpted in marble on the cover of his equivalent DVD.

It’s the same equivalent… one sitting on a throne, the other sculpted in marble… but when the guy is willing to stand on a stage looking exactly like this –

– I tend to attribute a marble bust to self-parody rather than, say, narcissism, i.e.

That is all.