A new Ricky Gervais DVD has come out with him on the cover sitting on a throne with a crown and assorted other effects of monarchy.

Is there anyone in the world less dignified in their fame? The reason I didn’t finish watching The Office and didn’t bother with Extras at all is that I seriously don’t want to see Ricky Gervais’ head exploding all over the screen, which I’m sure is what will happen if it gets any larger.

I’m a hypocrite, of course, because I don’t have the same problem with Bill Bailey’s bust being sculpted in marble on the cover of his equivalent DVD.

It’s the same equivalent… one sitting on a throne, the other sculpted in marble… but when the guy is willing to stand on a stage looking exactly like this –

– I tend to attribute a marble bust to self-parody rather than, say, narcissism, i.e.

That is all.