There’s this one thing that baffles me about Sarah Palin. Everyone knows she lied when she said she opposed the BTN, but she hasn’t bothered to try weasle out of that lie somehow. Some politicians would have said they were ‘mistaken’. Some politicians would have said there’s a ‘conspiracy’. Some politicians would have argued the meaning of the word ‘opposed’. Sarah is happy to allow the lie to fester in people’s minds unquestioned.

Maybe she’s just comfortable because she knows the sort of people who are going to vote for here aren’t going to be bothered by facts anyway.

But seriously, how long does it take for three words to become an acronym anyway?

Meanwhile, the NZ election continues to slip under my radar. Where’s the utterly divisive issue that’s supposed to come along at about this time? Or is it just that National is so far ahead we’re not bothering with that this year?