“Freezing mud has seeped down into my socks. Sarah Palin has gone up in my estimation.”

I love putting that quote out of context. It’s from this article, where Palin’s competence as a future Vice President is measured by her ability to hunt deer. Because apparently it’s the only place you can look to find competency.

There’s also this video and this one. She seems to have written Roe V Wade on the back of her hand or something, somewhere between ‘9/11’ and ‘iraq’ and just above ‘Obama is a terrorist’. Too bad she didn’t have room for the names of any newspapers or journals.

It’s like Sarah is a contestent in a TV show called Who Wants To Be The Vice President? where it’s more about systematically humiliating people than finding talent. I for one hope they pick up this show for a second season – it’s brill!