“Excuse me.”
“Can I help you?”
“When the sign says 20% of printers, does it include this $79.99 scanner/printer?”
“Yes, that comes down to $63.99. You know, I had someone come in the other day and buy this other scanner/printer for $99.99, and he said he was really happy with the scan quality.”
“Um… this scanner has exactly the same resolution as the one I was just looking at.”
“Uh, yeah! That’s what I was just about to say!”

Sheesh. What is it about computer stores in particular that the salespeople try every tactic to make you spend more money? Even though anyone who wants to buy a scanner is probably going to already know the resolution of the cheapest scanner in store?

I realise I should really have acquired a scanner long ago, but I didn’t have enough desk space for it, and to fit a bigger desk into my room I had to tidy it, and to tidy it I had to work up the motivation… and it’s hard to work up the motivation to tidy my room when it’s easier to daydream about what I’m going to do when I get my new scanner.