I sold some DVDs to Gullermo Del Toro. Apparently he’s a big fan of Doctor Who.

I found a hundred dollar note on the ground. Mine now.

A bus ripped part of this house off. Gone now.

I finally got bored of Sluggy Freelance and removed it from my bookmarks. Sorry Pete.

I’m going to create a CD with an endless loop of ‘Feliz Navidad’ and play it at work. My theory is that people try so hard to ignore Christmas music by now that they won’t notice for at least half an hour.

I didn’t actually post that comment in my last entry. That’s what I get for leaving myself logged in on other people’s computers.

I had this conversation with someone at work today:
Them: “Who’s this singing?”
Me: “I think it’s Frank Sinatra.”
Them: “I didn’t know Frank Sinatra sang New York, New York.”
Me: “…”

I listen to some of the stuff my early 20s co-workers say and wonder if I was ever that ignorant… but I don’t judge them because I probably was.