I forgot I was a perfectionist. I’ve spent the last two hours making imperceptible changes to the page I posted yesterday. I won’t bother posting the page with changes yet because it would serve no other value than as a minor spot-the-difference project.

I think I was too harsh on Wall·E the first time I watched it. The part where the humans get involved and everything gets all didactic isn’t too bad, it’s just disappointing that Pixar weren’t confident in the strength of Wall·E and Eve in the movie by themselves. They started out working perfectly with a ‘less is more’ principle, then they added more to the film and made it less. It’s like if you took a Buster Keaton short and spliced Star Wars onto the end of it.

Whatever happened to class? I’m looking at pictures of the Wellington Cup and amazed at how cheap the punters can make stylish clothes look. More Paris Hilton than Audrey Hepburn. Those participating have taken the concept of ‘high society’ and turned it into a dress-up competition. Like if you turned ‘My Fair Lady’ on its head and made everyone an Eliza Doolittle.

Wait, didn’t Audrey Hepburn star as Eliza Doolittle?