I’ve been a bit distraced lately. The new Lego Pirates sets were released a couple of weeks ago and I ‘ad to ‘ave ’em. They are awesome. After twenty years of waiting I finally have a lego pirate ship. What’s not to be distracted about?

I realised a couple of days ago that in all the time I’ve had this blog I haven’t posted any anecdotes about work. I’m quite proud of that. When I was on LiveJournal, half of the posts I read were rants about stupid customers or stupid co-workers or stupid people in management. I got sick of it after a while and that’s one of the reasons I shifted to the much less inane WordPress. I already know how stupid people can be, reading reminders all the time just makes me depressed.

I need to start writing a book. I’ve been in a state of literary ‘why bother?’ for a while since most of the stuff I want to write isn’t really what publishers are interested in and I never like my work enough to market it properly on the internet, but it’s the only thing I know I’m actually capable of finishing.