Procrastinating by writing this entry probably doesn’t help. Sunday, Apr 26 2009 

I’ve made a few changes to my shadow puppet comic since I was last working on it – like, they have elbows now instead of flexible tubes for arms* – so I’m redoing all I’ve done so far in this style. I thought about leaving it as it was and explaining it as the natural stylistic evolution that pretty much every comic ever goes through, but when this happens 1.25 pages into the cartoon it just seems like I hadn’t been prepared enough when I started.

It’s also kind of a test to see how dedicated I am to this comic. I don’t want it to turn out to be just another one of those ideas I work on for a week then give up on. If I can be bothered redrawing what I’ve already drawn, then maybe it’s an idea I’m actually prepared to commit myself to.

* I asked Mr. Nobody for their opinion and they thought Marge Simpson looked sexier with elbows.


Watchmen Friday, Apr 24 2009 

Before I watched the film I was worried they wouldn’t be faithful to the original. After I watched the film, I realised it’s actually possible to be too faithful to the original.

On the up side, you keep the fans happy. On the down side, what’s the point? What does a movie offer that a graphic novel doesn’t? Video? Audio? What’s the point of having those things if all you’re doing is using them for an imagination surrogate?

I dunno. I used to think faithful adaptations were preferable, but now I think I prefer it when directors take the source material and make something completely new with it, even if it means there’s a 95% chance they’ll make something so bad it makes your eyes burn. At least there’s the possibility that they’ll have something new to say.

Drawing. Friday, Apr 17 2009 

I’ve learned that with some practice, I could possibly develop acceptable drawing skills. This is comforting to know, but a waste of time, since I work five days a week and it’s much more convenient for me anyway to quickly slap things together out of squiggly, wiggly bibbles and jackhammers.

I think I’ll return to the shadow puppet thing. There was nothing really wrong with that, but the possibility of working with Mr. Nobody came up.

Lady Who? Wednesday, Apr 15 2009 

My girlfriend and I watched the Doctor Who easter special yesterday. Obviously we acquired the recording through legitimate means somehow. Ha ha ha! Yes.

I don’t understand what they were thinking. Lady Christina de Souza? They made the Doctor’s companion… a spoiled, bored, obnoxious aristocrat?

Obviously they looked at the mood of the times and concluded that people are hugely sympathetic towards the idle rich right now. You know, with the recession, the government bailouts, the very principles of capitalism in question…

I don’t usually think about how entertainment should reflect the mood of the times, but with a new Richard Curtis movie and this Lady Christina de Souza character, I’m definitely thinking there are areas not to go.

Mea Culpa. Wednesday, Apr 8 2009 

Okay, so I hadn’t been paying attention. Apparently the demonstration wasn’t to prove that Bain Senior couldn’t reach the trigger… it was to prove that he could, but only with some difficulty. Like, yeah… he couldn’t have done it because it would have been slightly inconvenient for him to bother.

I was reading about this in the paper today. Apparently Bain Senior was also wearing a hat and hadn’t been to the bathroom. In other words, nothing was said that proves anything one way or the other. Or in fact says anything about anything.

I don’t see how anyone could possibly have strong feelings one way or the other about this case. Nothing seems to prove anything either way. I guess if it were a clear-cut case, it would be too boring for the papers to put on their front pages.

Snarky logic. Tuesday, Apr 7 2009 

Okay, this bugs me. Every time the Bain trial is revisited, someone points out that Bain Senior couldn’t have reached the trigger of the gun to shoot himself in the head because the rifle is too long.

You know what a rifle is? A tool. You know what a tool is? An extension of the human body. You know what also qualifies as a tool? Anything used to apply pressure to part of any other tool that is just slightly out of reach – such as the trigger of a gun, for example.

I shouldn’t expect too much though. We’re talking about lawyers here, who by their very nature are extremely intelligent but at the same time selectively stupid. They always do this pantomime where they hold a rifle to their head in front of the court and flail hopelessly trying to reach the trigger. Someone put them out of their misery – give them a sturdy twig.

Am I snarkier than usual? I have this growing concern that I’m going to turn into Victor Mildrew when I’m older.

The Boat That Rocked. Monday, Apr 6 2009 

The casting is great. Nay, epic.

The premise sounds interesting.

But then they say ‘from the creator of Notting Hill, Love Actually and Four Weddings‘ on all promotional material, and suddenly I lose all interest.

Is this really the right time for comfort food? You know, skyrocketing unemployment, riots in some countries, general feeling of unrest, the future’s so dim you can’t possibly wear shades… yes, lets make an old-fashioned Richard Curtis movie! That’ll capture the zeitgeist perfectly!!!

I’m not saying I’d necessarily hate the film if I saw it, but Love Actually turned out to be a tribute to everything I hate about romantic comedies, so I can’t take that risk.

How to get kicked out of a flat. Monday, Apr 6 2009 

Talk really, really loudly on the phone. Every night. For hours. Yell if you need to. When asked to talk more quietly, apologise profusely and then completely disregard the request.

Don’t ever, ever clean anything. Just don’t. Your mother used to do all that for you, why should you start now? Why grow up? Even though you’re in your 30s? In fact, just to hammer home your point that other people should be cleaning up after you, place dirty dishes in the cupboards, in the rack among the clean dishes, or even throw them out the window if you really feel like it. Whatever.

Don’t turn off the stove top when you’re finished with it. Your mother used to do that for you. Forget that it’s a safety hazard. Burn through the filament. Let it burn! Melt the fish slice and then hide it among the garbage in the hope that no one will find it and eventually forget that it ever existed.

Leave the taps running as well. Your mother used to turn them off for you.

Eventually, put some chickpeas in a pan, place them on the stove at full power and go out for the rest of the day. The chickpeas will be burned to a crisp by the time someone gets home, the entire flat will be smoked out, the pan will be burned through and the stovetop will actually catch fire when the pan is removed.

All this time, deny everything. Even though three of the five people in the flat never use the kitchen anyway and the fourth person has been there far longer than you without any of these problem. Also, you’re the only person who cooks curry. When caught out, admit to making a mistake this once but promise it will never happen again and insist that it never happened before.

Before you actually get kicked out, when you feel it’s about to happen anyway, volunteer to leave the flat yourself. Make it sound as if you’ve been driven out by the unreasonable demands of your flatmates – you know, hygiene, common sense and general safety. Just behave as indignant as possible.

Also, your art really sucks. Maybe, in some sort of bizarre reversal of faith healing, you are actually trying to make people go blind?

This post is an anagram of shit spot. Sunday, Apr 5 2009 

Mr. Nobody has never made his/her work public before so he/she is having a little trouble adjusting to the idea of his/her work appearing on the internet. In other words, the project involving the flying woman in her underpants is on hold until Mr. Nobody feels confident enough to exist on the internet.

Ah well…

In the meantime I’m trying to learn to draw properly myself. I realised while I was finishing Mr. Nobody’s drawing that the ability to draw actual proper cartoons might not necessarily be as beyond me as I had previously thought. Small steps…

I’m glad I have patience. While other people feel they need to have at least one great success before they’re 24 (because surely if Mozart wrote his first hit broadway musical while still in the womb, anyone who isn’t similarly precocious is an UTTER FAILURE), I’m aiming for a modest success by the time I’m 30.