Okay, this bugs me. Every time the Bain trial is revisited, someone points out that Bain Senior couldn’t have reached the trigger of the gun to shoot himself in the head because the rifle is too long.

You know what a rifle is? A tool. You know what a tool is? An extension of the human body. You know what also qualifies as a tool? Anything used to apply pressure to part of any other tool that is just slightly out of reach – such as the trigger of a gun, for example.

I shouldn’t expect too much though. We’re talking about lawyers here, who by their very nature are extremely intelligent but at the same time selectively stupid. They always do this pantomime where they hold a rifle to their head in front of the court and flail hopelessly trying to reach the trigger. Someone put them out of their misery – give them a sturdy twig.

Am I snarkier than usual? I have this growing concern that I’m going to turn into Victor Mildrew when I’m older.