According to this page, Obama has taken the lead. Apparently this is a good thing because if Hillary won, everyone would vote for McCain. And McCain is an old white man.

Whatever happens though, I’m sure the result will be international resentment.

I was wandering around gloomily today. My internet serial seems like a Good Idea that will Never Happen because I’m Hopeless and Undisciplined. If I had set out to do some writing today I would have easily written a couple of thousand words. But since my goal was to work on DYWTSTU I ended up doing very little, other than having lots of ideas that I don’t implement because I’m too busy having lots of ideas. Maybe I should concentrate on projects where I actually get things done.

I’ll try something new instead. I’ll make a Flash computer game. I think there are more people looking for new Flash games than there are people looking for new internet serials. And there are lots of gaming websites dedicated to promoting good Flash games. I could potentially attract the attention of tens of people around the world!

Project #398: The Pirate Space computer game. It will be like Asteroids but with pirate ships. You’ll be able to attach a flamethrower to the front of your ship. And push the space button to jump. And there will be a powerup that makes you teleport a short distance in an emergency. It will be great. And you will shoot treasure chests which explode into coins that sit on the water and spin around until you collect them. Maybe there will be fruit to collect as well. There usually is. And if your crew is happy with you they will periodically upgrade your pirate hat.