Procrastinating by writing this entry probably doesn’t help. Sunday, Apr 26 2009 

I’ve made a few changes to my shadow puppet comic since I was last working on it – like, they have elbows now instead of flexible tubes for arms* – so I’m redoing all I’ve done so far in this style. I thought about leaving it as it was and explaining it as the natural stylistic evolution that pretty much every comic ever goes through, but when this happens 1.25 pages into the cartoon it just seems like I hadn’t been prepared enough when I started.

It’s also kind of a test to see how dedicated I am to this comic. I don’t want it to turn out to be just another one of those ideas I work on for a week then give up on. If I can be bothered redrawing what I’ve already drawn, then maybe it’s an idea I’m actually prepared to commit myself to.

* I asked Mr. Nobody for their opinion and they thought Marge Simpson looked sexier with elbows.


Watchmen Friday, Apr 24 2009 

Before I watched the film I was worried they wouldn’t be faithful to the original. After I watched the film, I realised it’s actually possible to be too faithful to the original.

On the up side, you keep the fans happy. On the down side, what’s the point? What does a movie offer that a graphic novel doesn’t? Video? Audio? What’s the point of having those things if all you’re doing is using them for an imagination surrogate?

I dunno. I used to think faithful adaptations were preferable, but now I think I prefer it when directors take the source material and make something completely new with it, even if it means there’s a 95% chance they’ll make something so bad it makes your eyes burn. At least there’s the possibility that they’ll have something new to say.