Nothing much. Wednesday, Mar 12 2008 

So… not much going on. I spent a lot of time thinking about Paris Holliday but since I wasn’t actually doing anything on it I reverted to writing, which is the one thing I know I can always do. So over the last week I’ve written about a dozen pages of a book, but nothing else. I should have written more than that, but at least I’m not feeling depressed because I haven’t produced anything.

Almost every idea I had for Paris Holliday involved more people and locations than I have access to. It’s depressing. I suck at anything that isn’t writing. I think I’ll just stick to writing for a while, just so I get stuff done and feel better about being a creative person living in Wellington. Maybe when I have another draft or something I’ll take a break and try thinking about something else again. It’s not like there’s a Fringe Film deadline to work towards or anything.

Today I handed a copy of my book to the library to see if they’ll accept a donation of it. I’m still not completely happy with the cover, but today I thought of another possibility for it. While I was playing lego with my girlfriend I remembered these fantastic artworks and while I was looking at it I was thinking how much I’d like my book cover to be illustrated by the same guy. Seriously, who wouldn’t buy a book with a cover like this?

I have no idea how much he’d charge though. I’ll ask him. Yes, I know Douglas Coupland also had lego-themed covers. Mine are going to be way more awesome.


Selling out is okay if you do it ironically. Thursday, Feb 28 2008 

I just noticed that Caf├ęPress works in the same way as Lulu in that they print on demand, except they print clothes and buttons rather than books. Although I just noticed that they also do books. But Lulu is cheaper so I’ll stick with them.

I might as well do some badges or something for Paris Holliday. Not for Pirate Space because I don’t see why anyone would want to wear anything for a book, but Paris will always be wearing clothes and badges of webcomics and webanimations and stuff so I think it wouldn’t be inappropriate for him to have some stuff too. Like a shirt of the webcom he works on but which in itself doesn’t actually exist. They’ll be post-modern ironic self-referential shirts or something that make fun of people who wear those sorts of shirts. People love that kind of thing.

Paris Holliday. Tuesday, Feb 26 2008 

I’ve been working on my mockumentary thing. I’ve even written a few pages of script. Spooky.

My character’s name so far is Paris Holliday. The title of the mockumentary so far is The Making Of: Paris Holliday. Paris wears a pair of distinctive yellow glasses which I bought from the two dollar shop just now:

yellowglasses.jpg glassesyellow.jpg

Yellow was the only colour I could find where you can still see my eyes. He’ll also wear t-shirts of my favourite webcomics, so probably this one and this one. If anyone wants me to wear, for example, a Brunswick shirt, I’d have one printed if they designed it.

Paris Holliday is essentially me without any sort of self-awareness. So there will be shameless self-parody. Which at least is better than self-important self-promotion.