I need to organise a proper website for my webcomic soon, and when that happens I’ll probably delete this blog. I only really keep this page because some part of me believes that if I don’t have a fixed presence on the internet I won’t exist at all.

It won’t be soon though, because just when I get into a healthy routine of daily webcomic creation, suddenly things fall apart and I don’t have the luxury of time to spend on creative pastimes. But when everything is back to normal and I’ve negotiated a three day weekend from my employer, I should be putting out two comic pages a week. Hopefully.

The biggest mistake to make after watching the new Star Trek movie is to stand next to a group of trekkies at the bus stop. They can and will spend ten minutes discussing a minor change to an iconic quotation. I guess they were all semi-autistic and could only fixate on the most minor and trivial and boring feature of the entire film.