The size of the internet divided by the size of me. Wednesday, Mar 26 2008 

Remember that project I mentioned last week but said I would only link to if I proved to myself I was able to persevere with it? It’s here. A serial story on deviantART. How am I supposed to be noticed among the 10,000 other people writing serial stories on deviantART? I don’t know. But I’ve posted two parts so far and for each of those parts I’ve had one complete stranger ‘subcribe’ to my work, so maybe if I post one part every week, within one year I’ll have… 52 readers. Maybe one of them will want to buy a book?

To come up with the idea for the story I just combined a name I already wanted to use for something with a story I already wanted to write somewhere. The benefit of thinking of more projects than I work on is that I’m never short of ideas when I need one.

One of the good things about deviantART is that I can also post pictures if I want to. So I could post random cartoons and things along with my story. I was going to post ‘bollards! fuck!’ but didn’t know how well the swearing would go down. Also the distinctive bollards might confuse people outside Wellington.


In-jokes about in-jokes. Monday, Mar 17 2008 

Hey, I get this now. My girlfriend has opened my mind to a whole new level of in-joke geekery.

However, I should probably stop trying to argue with her about the wording of particular XKCD comics.

In other news, my girlfriend helped me think of yet another potentially useful project yesterday, but because I want to break the talking-about-things-I-never-actually-do trend, I’m not going to say what this project is until I’ve demonstrated my ability to go through with it. This project should really be quite easy for me, so if I can’t go through with it, I must really suck.

I’m going to post the first part of this mystery project on its mystery website now. It took me about half an hour to write.